Canillas de Aceituno

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Whitewashed houses, and charming narrow streets where colorful flowers hanging on the walls side by side and compete for your attention and expression. In the city center you find very spring water, running quietly and musically, to your and the city's residents free use, when you want to quench your thirst, or fill a bottle for later.

The many tapas bars invite to gear down and pamper yourself in a relaxed atmosphere with family and friends. Here time seems to have stood still - here are still people who use horses and mules for transport.

Although the town only has about 2800 inhabitants you will find a bank, multiple grocers, two butchers, etc. The city and the area is a unique opportunity to experience the real Spain. And it is easy to get there. There is a very good paved way to the city. On the outskirts of town is a very nice municipal pool, which also has restaurant and bar. The best way to discover the city is by simply stroll around the many beautiful streets. Your are going to live in one of the most beautiful areas of the Town, because our neighbor is very fond of flowers and our own little street making a feast of flowers and fertility.


The city's beautiful church

La Virgen de la Rosario y Leon S. Magno, Calle de la Iglesia, Canillas de Aceituno, AL 29716 - Take a look inside when you come over. Here is a beautiful atmosphere.

The old football field and the cemetery

"El campo de futbol". Most Spaniards are crazy about football. When you drive into town, you have the city's new football field on your right hand side just before the roundabout. Here, the city's young people run around and kick a ball while enjoying the beautiful views over the Mediterranean. But the old football field is also nice to visit. Its just up behind the town. On the way up here you also pass the town's cemetery, which is a typical Spanish cemetery. When you are at the old football ground you stand on the border into Sierra Nevada National Park - Spain's largest national park. You can read more about this nationalpark here.

Festivals and holidays in Canillas de Aceituno

There are many major and minor parties in Canillas de Aceituno. They have a party for olive oil, another for blood sausage, an annual town festival and more. List of festivals and holidays in Canillas the Aceitunoog environs.

Good restaurants and bars

In relation to city size, there are surprisingly many small bars and restaurants. Let's go for Dinner.  There are also good restaurants down along the coast. The best restaurant for every occasion, and every purse you find on our list of restaurants in Canillas de Aceituno and region.

Shops, stores and markets 

The town has three small supermarkets, a bakers and two butchers. They are all fair with prices and assortment. You can also head down to one of the big supermarkets. The town's weekly market day is Friday. List of shopping opportunities 

The citys turistinformation

You can contact the Town Hall in Canillas de Aceituno their opening hours - 9-14 business days. Ask possibly after Silvia who speaks English. Address of the Ayuntamiento in Canillas de Aceituno is Plaza de la Constitución, 22-29716 Canillas de Aceituno - City Hall is located just 40 meters from our townhouse in the center of town.

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