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Canillas de Aceituno

Your holiday home is fully equipped to cook, but if you want to eat out here are some suggestions:

In Canillas de Aceituno are some good restaurants and a lot of small bars, offering a smaller or larger selection of tapas. These can easily be both lunch and dinner. Just order a whole lot different. They are usually quite inexpensive. Menu del Dia (day's menu), served from. 14-16 in almost all restaurants. Here you get three courses: a soup or salad, main course and dessert. This is the most economical way to eat at in Spain. Menu del Dia costs about 6-10 euros.

Restaurant La Sociedad
Calle Iglesia 12, Canillas de Aceituno, Spanien

La Sociedad is a real Spanish restaurant that serves all the traditional dishes. The menu is quite large, and there is something for everyone. They also have an impressive selection of wines at very reasonable prices. You can eat at the bar or upstairs in the large dining room. They also serve outside -both in front and behind the restaurant on a small plaza. Definitely a cozy place with a really nice family behind the counter and pots.

Restaurant El Bodegon De Juan Maria
Calle de la Placeta, Canillas de Aceituno

We call this restaurant for the two jars - because it has two huge jars placed at the entrance. This is where you should go if you want the old original dishes. They really do make good food. The only "but" about this restaurant - is that you are in a basement and there are usually quite cool. This is probably imppressing if you are a Spaniard and want away from the heat outside, but if you are craving for the sun this can be a bit.... so-so to sit here. But the food is definitely worth a visit. Order like in advance as some of the dishes require a lot of time to prepare.

Restaurante y Bar Angel
Calla Agua 5, Canillas de Aceituno, Spanien

The best breakfast in the village. They make Churros Saturday. The restaurant servers also Menu del Dia, every day at 14 times, 3 courses for 7 euros! If you feel like it, then get them to make Paella for lunch or dinner. It is not on the menu, but it is amazing and cheap. The bar is run by the son of Angel - Moises - a great guy.

Tapasbaren El Picota Andaluz
Plaza de la Constitution 20, Canillas de Aceituno, Spanien

Added to the central plaza associated pueblo, this tiny tapas bar is very cozy. Also plenty of tables outside. They have a fine selection of tapas and breakfast sandwiches. This is the place where the locals meet for a drink.

Restaurant Asador La Maroma
Canillas de Aceituno, Spanien

This is Canillas de Aceituno's new restaurant (opened summer 2012). Beautiful and big!!! is probably the first thoughts that comes to mind. The restaurant can accommodate over 200 people. In addition, the banquet rooms for 500 people, so all local weddings and other celebrations can be held in the city.


Good thai restaurant - Avenida de Andalucía (the main street in Torre del Mar) - diagonally opposite the police station.

Argentine with good steaks - Avenida de Andalucía. Approximately 800 meters from the church up to the left, yellow façade: all made on the grill, baked potatoes, steaks, etc.

Good Chinese restaurant located in the pedestrian area in Torre del Mar and the name of Hong Kong! - Cheap and authentic Chinese food.



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