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Final cleaning

Cleaning must be performed by professionals. It is important that you come down to a house where things are in order, which is cleaned well and nicely - so that the start of your holiday is as optimal as possible. Therefore, we have a rule that the final cleaning should always be handled by professionals. These people will also ensure that if any furniture is damaged or broken, it will be sorted for the next guests arrive. That is a certainty that the house is optimal when you arrive. The final cleaning is obligatory does not mean that you can leave the townhouse in a mess. You are expected to have cleared up nicely after you, and that the dishes are placed in the dishwasher and bed clothes are made of the beds and put into the laundry basket.


It is not allowed to smoke inside. But you may smoke on the roof terrace and patio. It is important that you not smoke inside, when the house is a non-smoking house.


The house is filled with art, beautiful furnishings and decor. The equipment comes from exotic places like Thailand, Morocco, etc. It is not something that can be easily replaced. We therefore expect respect for these beautiful and unique things. If an accident occurs and should anything be damaged, break, please send us an email. We would much rather hear it from you than from our cleaning staff.

Karma bookshelf

The theme of the bookshelf is: "Pick a good book, and leave an even better!" - That is a principle - We call it karma bookshelf because it gives good karma to give a book on, which you really have enjoyed.


Of course, doggie can go on holiday with you. It may not be in the furniture, and you will be able to control it so it does not makes people feel uncomfortable. If the cleaningcompany says that your pets have made extra shrinkage, or done damage to the townhouse - you run the risk of extra expense of repairing the damage. But you can prevent this by clearing up nicely before you leave.  The house has excellent cleaning facilities, a vacuum cleaner, etc.

Noise and music

Of course, you are allowed to play music, laugh and have fun. Just dont send the tones of your favorite music throughout Canillas de Aceituno in the middle of the night! Also remember not to have loud arguments when you are outside in the patio or the roofterasse at night. Just keep a low profile after 10 pm. and everything will be fine.  Remember also that the Spaniards have siesta. Therefore, they can make noise from 7 am in the morning, while the siesta period from 1-4 pm. is the time when they take a nap or relaxing with family.

One time when you, however, certainly should not expect that there is peace in Canillas de Aceituno is during the annual town festival!

Here is the Charlotte and a friend who keeps the flag high into the wee hours.


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