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Do you need gas?

  • There is an extra gas bottle in the closet under the stairs.
  • Or go down to the hardware store, diagonally across from the restaurant with two large jars in front. Remember to take the old gas bottle with.

How to change the gas cylinder


Close the regulator on top - the regulator must always be closed when it is put on the bottle.
The controller is closed, the toggle returning as flame symbol is not visible.

Then proceed as follows:

 gas-replace-02 Take the seal of the cylinder valve. Never use a knife.

Toggle switch at the top must be closed.
Take on the controller with both hands,
and with locking ring raised the most, pressed the regulator over the gas cylinder.


When the controller is in place, push the lock ring down until you hear or feel a click.
Take on the controller - without lifting the locking ring - and pull up.
Loosens the regulator itself, is not fitting properly and executed must be repeated.

Otherwise open the crontroller switch on top and you have new gas!


Missing Firewood?

  • Call Antonio (phone 669273854) and he comes with a wheelbarrow firewood. A wheelbarrow typically costs € 10.
  • Run down to the main road and turn towards Velez Malaga. After approx. 4 km. is a large wood trade. Look for the sign "Venta de Lena"

If you need help using electricity?

  • Control cabinet hangs just inside the front door.
  • Should you need to get an electrician so try the local German 619 339 782

Need a blacksmith?

  • You can find the blacksmith when you go out of town to the east. He is just after the parking lot - the first small road to the left.  He keeps open as it suits him! - But ask anyone in the city, and you can grab him quickly. Pepe: phone 676 232 539

Need a plumber?

  • Should you need a plumber! ... I have no idea why .. For ye are on vacation ... But the local plumber's Pepe: phone 637 524 249th


  • Calle de Convento - just 40 meters from our house. A fine, well-equipped pharmacy.

If you need medical help?

  • There are doctors in Velez Malaga and Torre del Mar. Call and book a time. They speak mostly fairly good English. You can also drive to the local hospital in Velez Malaga. Remember, the BLUE medical card and passport. It is very important! Sign up at the counter - explain what is wrong - be registered with the passport and medical card - sit in the waiting room and wait until you are called into. You are not forgotten!
  • Doctor in Velez Malaga: Salto Gomez - Louis de Route 16 - Velez Malaga - 0034 - 952 501 295
  • Doctor in Torre del Mar: Hoyos Lopez. Urb Tomilar 1 - Torre del Mar - 0034 - 952 545 200
  • Hospital Comarcal de la Axarquía Finca el Tomillar, 29700, Velez-Malaga - 0034 - 951 067 010


  • Go to the City Hall in Canillas de Aceituno. Open 9-14. Ask after Silvia who speaks English. There is also a good turistinformation in Velez Malaga and Competar.

Do you need a phone card?

  • In the townhouse you have free internet and WI-FI. But Spain still uses a lot to grab each other by phone. If you must use your cell phone while on holiday in Spain then buy a phone card. This can be found in stores in Canillas de Aceituno.

If you miss anything else....

Please contact us.


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