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Canillas de Aceituno

Shopping in Canillas de Aceituno

In Canillas de Aceituno there are three small supermarkets, a bakers, two butchers, a pharmacy, two hardware stores, and a jumble of small shops selling various crops such as. olive oil, and the things they themselves have manufactured. All these shops are reasonable with prices and assortment.

Shopping in the big Supermarkets

El Ingenio is a huge shopping mall which is located where the A7-highway goes under the A-356 freeway. They have lots of goodies, but are also a little "touristy" in their prices. In  El Ingenio you will find a giant version of the Spanish Eroski supermarketBesides food, they also have a large section of books, electronics, etc. In short, a well-stocked supermarket. You can find dozens of other smaller versions of Eroski around. In Torre del Mar is 4. You can also take to Mercadona. This supermarket is located just beside the water park down in Torre del Mar - nice fish department and cheap, fresh produce. Their rates are slightly smaller than the Eroski. And finally you can also take in Lidl. This supermarket chain has also come to Spain - and thanks. There is a Lidl at the roundabout where you also find the Peugeot dealer in Velez Malaga. They have cheap groceries.

Shopping on the Streetmarkets

It's fun and cheep. Is is market day, almost every single day. In these markets you can buy everything - clothes, shoes, jewelry, flowers, fruits, spices, African wooden figures etc. It's a good idea to take your time when visiting these mercadillos (street markets). The shopping takes time if you want to grasp it all, and it can definitely be recommended to take a drink or lunch at one of the many cafes, linked to these street markets.

Mercadillo Torrox Costa
There is a market in Torrox Costa on Monday. It's a huge market that extends along Beach Road ("N-340"). Open from 8-14.

Mercadillo Torre Del Mar
There are markets in Torre del Mar on Thursday. This is a pretty big market in the city center. You can not miss it! Open 8-14.

Mercadillo Canillas de Aceituno
There is a market in Canillas de Aceituno on Fridays. This is a very small market. I find it just at the entrance to town. Open 8-14.

Mercadillo Caleta de Vélez
There is a market in Caleta de Vélez on Saturday. Open 8-14.




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