Spain's sun and heat nearly all year. But it may well happen Even so, there will be cold at night in the house. But you certainly do not have to freeze.

The house has plenty of heating sources

Zibrooven in the kitchen - Buy Heater Oil if you know temperatur is low during your stay. It is advisable to buy heater Oil at Bauhaus located right next to the airport in Malaga. You can not be sure there is Zibroolie in the house. And you can not be sure that you can buy it in Canillas de Aceituno, or on the coast - see our list of dealers where you can commonly find zibroolie. You'll find it under "Practical Info".

Professional heater in the kitchen -It is quite strong, and can heat the entire housing in a short time. However, it is a tremendous power hungry so watch the meter if you set it at full strength!

Electric radiators in every room - In all rooms are electric heaters which can easily heat individual rooms.

Tip - Hang a piece of fabric up at the start of the stairs

In the closet on the rooftop is a yellow patch at the bottom of the pile. This can be used to in the kitchen by the stairs, so that the heat stays in the kitchen / living room floor - and not only escalated up the stairs. This makes it easier, faster heating the ground floor. The rod can be lifted, if it is pushed up slightly and it should be easy to hang the fabric up if you feel like it.

Tip - Keep an eye on the meter when using electric heating!

Tip - The house has lots of pillows and quilts - use them!

pejs New gas fireplace - Furthermore, we soon will have a beautiful antique gas fireplace in the kitchen. It supplies heat but is primarily intended to spread cosiness and atmosphere. Solar heat - Furthermore, soon free solar heat. The system will bee installed on the roof and will supply heat to the entire ground floor. An added benefit is that the system can be used to cool when it is really hot.


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