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Here are some suggestions for road trips with plenty of opportunities to stop and enjoy the unparalleled views, get yourself a drink, or just enjoy authentic Spain.

Touring the East: Sedella - Salares - Archez - Canillas de Albaida - Competa
You can take this trip by car or by bike. You follow the main road out of Canillas de Aceituno east, and then runs in a tortuous - but well paved and safe way - along some marvelous views. I can plan to turn around and drive back when I was in Competa - or I can choose to continue down to the coast and take a dip in the Mediterranean. A description of the towns you meet along the way here.

Touring the West: Alcaucin - Citar - Comares
You can also take the main road out of Canillas de Aceituno and visit the villages which lie to the west. Where cities are located closer you orintere you by looking at the map below. It is, inter alia, Some of the towns whose lights shine so beautifully in the night when you sit on the roof terrace of our house in Canillas de Aceituno, looking towards the mountains! A description of the towns you meet along the way here.

Stroll along the coast
Down by the coast road in Torre del Mar, you can turn right or left. Your experiences will be as the Thais say "same, same, but different." All coastal towns look more or less apart. Here cruiser pensioners up and down with their Harley Davidson motorcycles, they're enthusiastic to air their bikes, and there is an abundance of restaurants and cafes as kæmpåer for your attention. It flottetste is the road itself, the actual driving. Often you drive directly to the Mediterranean. It is a very beautiful trip.

It is also quite cheap to rent a car in Spain - Read more in our driving directions.


La Alhambra, Granada

La Alhambra is simply just so beautiful! It is the oldest and best preserved Arab palace, which is found in the world. Going in the morning and I have a great day trip. Remember to book tickets in advance. There is internet in the townhouse in the middle so it's pretty easy, but remember it now!

sightseeing-Alhambra-001  sightseeing-Alhambra-002



The city of Sevilla lie about 220 km from Canillas de Aceituno, can be reached in about three hours, and is certainly worth the ride. I might have time to experience the city in a single day, but consider also to book a room for one night, and enjoy this beautiful, beautiful city. In Seville, there are many museums, parks and a city where several of the buildings are listed on UNESCO's World Heritage list. One of the most famous sights are the Gothic cathedral, one of the world's largest. The cathedral was built in the 1400s and consists of parts from a mosque, which previously stood on the same site. In addition, you can visit the Moorish Alcázar from 1100-century.

sightseeing-sevilla-001 sightseeing-sevilla-002



The city of Cordoba lie about 170 km from Canillas de Aceituno, can be reached in about 2.5 hours. Córdoba main tourist attraction - and the main reason why many tourists come to town is La Mezquita, which is also included on the UNESCO list of World Heritage. The religious monument is also called the Cathedral-Mosque, as it is a curious mixture of a mosque and a Catholic cathedral and is - together with La Alhambra in Granada, the most important monument to Spain's Muslim past. And by the way is a really charmernede Cordoba city to wander around in.

sightseeing-cordoba-001 sightseeing-cordoba-002



Malaga should also be experienced. Here is lively on the many fortovsrestuaranter and there is almost always one or more major events in the form of a concert, a bullfight, a festival, etc. Highlights include: Museo Picasso (Picasso musum), Parque La Concepción (botanical garden) , Plaza de Toros (bullring), Santa María de la Encarnación (the Cathedral of Malaga, which has the nickname, La Manquita, which translates to "one-armed woman", which is due to the cathedral was never built entirely finished, and therefore clearly blah. missing one of his tower).

sightseeing-malaga-001 sightseeing-malaga-002


Gibraltar rock

Spanish conquest in 1492 was the end of the seven hundred years of rule by the Moors. Gibraltar was handed over to Britain by Spain in 1713 and has remained a British colony ever since. You can pay the entrance fee and drive the car up on the rock and stalactite cave Thomas Cave. From here the path is the way to the cliff top from where one sees both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic at once. It's a pretty amazing view. With any luck spotter In some dolphins in the water. This tour is highly recommended. Have the courage little additional excursion so consider using one of the many ferry services from Gibraltar to Morocco. In the medina in Tangier feel really that it is no longer in Europe.

sightseeing-gibraltar-001 sightseeing-gibraltar-002



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