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Torre del Mar
If you want to quickly down and have a dip, it is quite easy. One of our absolute favorite beaches is in Torre del Mar. It is fairly easy to find - just down to Torre del Mar - find your way to the Beach Road (ie the road closest the sea). Turn right (west) and continue until the end. Here is a large car park and hotel Resort Proamar. Find a parking lot and walk down to the beautiful beach. If you will be sure to get a parking space then run past the hotel Resort Proamar and down the little narrow street - then after 30 meters on your left hand is a very huge parking lot. Here you can always find a place. Fantastic beach. Remember to eat lunch at the beach bar "Bar Tanit" - they have a good dining card. If you walk along the beach to find shells, etc.. and go west, you will after about 100 meters encounter "Rio Velez" which flows into the Mediterranean - On the other side of the river is nudists! (Longitude & Latitude: 36 ° 43 '54.00 "N 4 ° 5' 53.65" W).

Some of our friends like the beach at Torrox Costa - judge for yourself! The bar by the beach is "Merendero El Ancla part Cirilo" - so keep looking for this sign on your right hand. (Longitude & Latitude: 36 ° 43 '53.67 "N 3 ° 56' 44.86" W).

Romantic beaches
Along the coast there are plenty of small enclosed romantic beaches. Here you are surrended by cliffs, and have the blue Mediterranean alluring in front of you. For example, the beach Cala Canuelo Maro - peaceful, quiet, very beautiful and worth discovering. (Longitude and latitude: 36 ° 44 '41.52 "N 3 ° 47' 22.93" W).

If you are after a quick dip, then Canillas de Aceituno has a family-friendly public swimming pool, just 10 minutes walk from the townhouse.

 beanches-torre-del-mar  beaches-Merendero El Ancla del Cirilo çbeaches-swimmingpool-public
Stranden ved Torre del Mar Stranden Cala del Canuelo Maro Swimmingpool i Canillas


Water park in Velez Malaga

There are two water parks nearby. They are fun to visit. Both children and adults can have fun with the many different facilities. The nearest water park is just down in Torre del Mar. They have website in Spanish, English and German, where you can read in detail.

 sightseeing-water-vandland-001  sightseeing-water-vandland-002 çsightseeing-water-vandland-003
Vandland i Velez Malaga Vandland i Velez Malaga Vandland i Velez Malaga


The hot springs in Alhama de Granada
Alhama de Granada is located at 850 m altitude. There is approx. 6000 inhabitants.

The town center is leaning against a tall, steep cliffs in the gorge created by the Merchant river. The river runs through the city, and the city's biggest attraction - some hot springs - flows into this river. Al-hama means "baths, hot springs" in Arabic. People flock in from near and far to bathe in the healing waters and to get cured of their infirmity. At first glance, the area around the hot springs in Alhama de Granada rather reminiscent of a mixture of a retirement home and a scene from the movie" One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" - since everyone seems to run around in white robes and the fact that badehat must be used in the spa outdoor pool. You can however also quite complimentary amuse yourselves in the hot springs, where they run into the river Merchant.

The Romans used the hot springs, but it was the Arabs who created the city and built the baths. There are pools with hot water, and sections where bathers can relax and unwind. Underneath originates the oldest hot springs in Alhama de Granada. Close to the baths, approx. four kilometers. from the city center, lies an ancient Roman bridge over the river and the ruins of a village at the time. Tourism is the foundation in Alhamas economy. Today there are two hotels with direct access to bathroom and sources, Hotel and Hotel Balneario Bano Nuevo. The hotels and the beaches are open from May to October.

 sightseeing-alhambra-DG-003  sightseeing-alhambra-DG-banos-001  sightseeing-alhambra-DG-banos-002
Alhambra de Granada Baños de Alhama  Los Baños


Parque Naturel de Cabo de Gata-Nijar
Approximately 49,000 ha. Located on the Mediterranean, in the eastern part of Andalusia

This natural area has been designated by UNESCO for Biosphere Reserve. The 63 km long coast in Parque El Cabo de Gata-Níjar, is a paradise for any diving enthusiast. Here you will find crystal clear water. There awaits a fascinating journey through an ocean full of fun sea creatures and strange growths that live surrounded by unparalleled beauty.

 sightseeing-water-Parque Natural Cabo de Gata 001  sightseeing-water-Parque Natural Cabo de Gata 003  sightseeing-water-Parque Natural Cabo de Gata 002
Parque Natural Cabo de Gata Parque Natural Cabo de Gata  Parque Natural Cabo de Gata




Here is Charlotte enjoying life on the "Bar Tanit"


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